Land at Moor Lane, Backwell

August 2021

Project Team

Octavia Homes is a new entrant to the house building market and is set out to build a reputation for developing innovative quality homes and with a focus on enabling communities to flourish.  
We specialise in small to medium scale developments in areas of high housing demand, giving each project distinction and character which is sympathetic to the surrounding architectural landscape.
Our passion for housing drives our ethos of building great homes for the future.

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M7 Planning is a residentially focused land promoter and professional investor in land and property in the South and South West.
Achieving planning permission is at the heart of what we do and we carefully manage each and every aspect of the process, providing a tailored approach for each site we take on. We are passionate about design, place making and optimising asset values and we believe that these things go hand in hand.

Intro & Proposal

Octavia Homes is planning to submit an outline planning application for a new high-quality housing development, in a highly sustainable location, comprising c.50 dwellings (30% affordable housing).

We pick our locations carefully, where there is a real need, we build at high density, to minimise our impact on the country’s green spaces and we build sustainably, preserving our Earth for our children and beyond.

We focus on delivering houses to those in greatest need: future generations of doctors, nurses, key workers, young families and the next big thinkers, who want a place to call home.

Why are we submitting a planning application now? 

The North Somerset area has a significant shortfall in housing delivery when measured against the Local Plan targets.  As members of the housing development community we see the consequences of this with rising, unsatisfied demand and a growing disparity between house prices and affordability.  Our proposal provides an appropriate response to this for the scale, location and facilities available in Backwell, with the aim of providing new housing opportunities in the community you love, for you, your children or grandchildren and new residents, strengthening diversity and vitality.

This website provides an opportunity for residents, businesses and organisations to learn about our draft proposals and our intentions to submit an outline application to North Somerset Council soon.

At the bottom of this website page you will find a short questionnaire.  Please leave us your thoughts, which will be considered prior to making the application.


The Site

The site measures approximately 1.93 hectares (4.77 acres) used as private amenity/garden land. 

The site is predominately laid to grass with the boundaries being formed by a range of trees and shrubs. To the west are gardens to the adjacent house and to the east is a development of 65 dwellings under construction by the housebuilder Taylor Wimpey. To the north is a railway line, serving Nailsea and Backwell Railway Station. 

Access is provided off Moor Lane to the south.  The site generally slopes from south to north, which aids surface water flows reaching a ditch to the northern boundary which discharges into drainage network beyond.


The Vision

The vision for the scheme is to create a sustainable new living environment, based around a fully integrated new community with new homes that are accessible to everyone.

• 50 new homes with 30% being affordable inline with North Somerset Council requirements. 
• A housing mix of mainly 2 and 3 bedroom homes, focused on rebalancing the housing stock in the area.
• Accessible, sustainable established residential location.
• A commitment to building carefully designed spaces, beautiful homes and gardens.
• Sustainable living with solar power generation and electric charging points.
• The land is unconstrained land outside of high flood risk area or the Green Belt.
• Helps continue to diversify the local housing stock and the future viability and vitality of Backwell.
• Deliverable within a short time frame to accommodate existing needs. 

Access & Movement

The site is located to the north of Backwell, with access from Moor Lane from the south which in turn links to Station Road.

The site is located in an accessible and sustainable location with easy walking routes to local amenities. 

Initial highways advice has been completed by Ashley Helme Associates and we are satisfied that vehicular access can be constructed off of Moor Lane.

Moor Lane will be improved to include the construction of a set of passing places, incorporating a footpath.

The closest bus stops to the site are located on Station Road, within a short walking distance. The X8 Nailsea to Bristol Bus Station service stops at this location, with services every 1.5 hours minutes during the day. 

The nearest railway station is Nailsea and Backwell, which is 350m to the north east and accessible on foot or via cycle. The station is on the main line to London Paddington, with approximate journey times of 1 hour 45 minutes.


West Leigh Infants School is located approximately 500m distance to the south of the site and Backwell C of E Junior School at 1.7km distance. Backwell Secondary School, is also within easy walking distance. 

The nearest convenience store to the site is located at Backwell Garage, which is a short, level walk from the proposed scheme.  More shops are also located on on Rodney Parade, a 1km walk from the site. There are also additional facilities including doctor’s surgery, pharmacy, pubs/restaurants, leisure centre and hairdressers within walking distance.

Community Benefits

  • Much needed high-quality 2 and 3 bedroom homes.
  • 30% affordable housing to meet North Somerset needs.
  • Walking connections to the local street network and improving the accessibility of existing public rights of way
  • Green public open space.
  • Retained hedgerows and trees creating a network of habitats.
  • Transitional open space with proposed clustered tree planting, hedgerow strengthening and species rich meadow grasslands.
  • Sustainable drainage attenuation features designed to create wetland habitats.
  • Section 106 contributions towards local improvements to services.
  • Community Infrastructure Levy payments, with 25% of these ringfenced for Backwell Parish Council.

Thank you for your interest, our consultation is now closed.