Proposed Housing
Land at Hillier's Lane, Churchill

January 2022

Project Team

Woodstock Homes are a privately owned homebuilder based in the South West and South Wales, with an established regional reputation. Woodstock Homes takes great care over its developments’ overall design and construction, from thoughtful plans to high quality finish.

At each Woodstock location, the developments form a vibrant part of the community, as Woodstock Homes ensure a balanced, environmentally sympathetic approach to every home, with each property finished to an extremely high specification that their customers are proud of.

M7 Planning is a residentially focused land promoter and professional investor in land and property in the South and South West.
Achieving planning permission is at the heart of what we do and we carefully manage each and every aspect of the process, providing a tailored approach for each site we take on. We are passionate about design, place making and optimising asset values and we believe that these things go hand in hand.

Intro & Proposal

M7 Planning Limited are planning to submit a Full planning application for new high-quality housing development, in a highly sustainable location, comprising c.36 dwellings (30% affordable housing).

We pick our locations carefully, where there is a real need, we build at high density, to minimise our impact on the country’s green spaces and we build sustainably, preserving our Earth for our children and beyond.

We focus on delivering houses to those in greatest need: future generations of doctors, nurses, key workers, young families and the next big thinkers, who want a place to call home.

Why are we submitting a planning application now? 

The North Somerset area has a significant shortfall in housing delivery when measured against the Local Plan targets.  As members of the housing development community we see the consequences of this with rising, unsatisfied demand and a growing disparity between house prices and affordability.  Our proposal provides an appropriate response to this for the scale, location and facilities available in Churchill, with the aim of providing new housing opportunities in the community you love, for you, your children or grandchildren and new residents, strengthening diversity and vitality.

This website provides an opportunity for residents, businesses and organisations to learn about our draft proposals and our intentions to submit a Full planning application to North Somerset Council soon.

At the bottom of this website page you will find a short questionnaire.  Please leave us your thoughts, which will be considered prior to making the application.

The Site

The site is sustainably located on the western edge of the village of Churchill, approximately 15 miles (24.1 km) south west of the City of Bristol on the A38. The study area measures approximately 2.32 hectares (5.73 acres) of agricultural land under private ownership and comprises of two parcels of land east of Hillier’s Lane, north of Dinghurst Road (A368).

Land at Hillier’s Lane is a significant opportunity, within an exceptional location, for a sustainable new housing scheme. 

A number of complimentary factors demonstrate why housing should be permitted here:

  • The residential development will deliver 30% affordable housing.
  • To re-balance the local housing stock to encourage diversity.
  • The provision of much-needed housing (including affordable housing) contributing towards the achievement of housing targets for the area.
  • Supporting the Local Economy.
  • Enhancing Existing Natural Features.
  • Ecological improvements.
  • Well connected to existing settlement and complementary to future prosperity.
  • The creation of an attractive place/destination with its own identity whilst reflecting local character.
  • Retention and enhancement of existing boundary hedgerows and trees of amenity value.
  • Provision of areas of public open space.
  • The physically unconstrained nature of the land and its lack of environmental designations allows development to come forward within a short timeframe.
  • Through careful design, visual impact can be managed avoiding significant adverse impact.

The Vision

With the help of our consultant team, we are formulating proposals to deliver a high-quality housing scheme. We want to create a sustainable new living environment, based around a fully integrated new community with new homes that are accessible to everyone.

Throughout the design process each member of the team provides their specialist advice and input to ensure that the scheme responds positively to its surroundings, considering the constraints.

The vision for the scheme is to create a sustainable new living environment, based around a fully integrated new community with new homes that are accessible to everyone.

  • Up to 36 new homes with 30% being affordable.
  • Mix of 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes including 4 x 3 bedroom bungalows.
  • Accessible, sustainable established residential location.
  • Legacy through carefully designed spaces, beautiful homes and gardens.
  • Unconstrained land outside of high flood risk area allowing development to come forward within a short timeframe.
  • Significant areas of public open space to provide natural infrastructure, such as landscaping, play spaces, biodiversity offsetting, tree planting and natural green space.
  • Ecological mitigation – in relation to loss of tree roosts/foraging habitat and from lighting impacts.
  • Strong defensible boundaries with proposed clustered tree planting, hedgerow strengthening and species rich meadow grasslands.
  • Compliments the viability and vitality of Churchill.


High Quality & Sustainable Design



Access, Movement & Amenities

The site is sustainably located, abutting the village of Churchill, on the western edge of the Mendip Hills, about 8 miles (12.9 km) east of Weston-super-Mare and about 15 miles (24.1 km) south-west of Bristol. 
The proposed new homes will have easy access to local services and facilities, public transport links and to the Public Right of Way (PRoW) network. Churchill is not well-served by buses, but services are available to Weston, Bristol, Wells, Cheddar, Shipham and a limited number of other destinations.

Bus stops located on Dinghurst Road, within approximately 200 metres of the proposed site entrance, which provides connections from Churchill to Gloucester, Newent, Ledbury and Ross-on-Wye. The bus services also links to the train station in Gloucester which provides regular services to a range of destinations including Cheltenham, Bristol Temple Meads, Cardiff, Birmingham New Street and London Paddington.

The nearest rail station is Yatton, 4.7 miles from Churchill traffic lights. However, there is no public transport from this area to Yatton. The closest station which is served by public transport from this area is Bristol Train Station.

A Transport Assessment and Travel Plan will be required to support the planning application for the site.

1. The proposed vehicular and pedestrian access for the northern residential area will be from Newent Road (B4215). To the south, the business park extension will be accessed via the existing Two Mile Lane. 
2. A street pattern has been identified to provide good connectivity and efficient residential blocks.
3. Footpath/cycleways around the development to connect the public open space and residential parcels.
4. Potential pedestrian link to the Lassington Reach development.
5. The existing public right of way crossing the southern site shall be incorporated into the scheme. 

Pedestrian & vehicular links across the site.

Community Benefits

  • The development will positively contribute to the growth of the local economy by delivering new homes and employment opportunities.
  • 40% affordable housing to meet Tewkesbury Borough Council requirements.
  • Walking connections to the local street network and improving the accessibility of existing public rights of way
  • New green infrastructure and public open space will provide amenity, with play facilities.
  • Retained hedgerows and trees creating a network of habitats corridors around walking/cycling routes.
  • A secured boundary of the site on the southern and western edges of the land to the north, with development fronting the open space.
  • Transitional open space with proposed clustered tree planting, hedgerow strengthening and species rich meadow grasslands.
  • Sustainable drainage attenuation features designed to create wetland habitats.
  • Section 106 contributions towards local improvements to services.
  • Community Infrastructure Levy payments.

Planning Application & Project Status

We are currently at the stage of preparing an Outline Planning Application to submit to Tewkesbury Borough Council.  An “Outline Planning Application” will seek to establish whether the access and principle of the proposed development is acceptable to the local planning authority, before a fully detailed proposal is put forward as part of future “Reserved Matters Application”.

Prior to submitting the application, we wish to engage with the community to understand local views and considerations that will positively assist in the formulation of our plans. Whether you are in favour of, or opposed to new housing on this site, please tell us why.

A summary of the feedback received through this consultation will be provided in a Statement of Community Involvement, which will form part of our planning application to Tewkesbury Borough Council.

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