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January 2024

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Rubix Land are a strategic land promoter focusing on new housing proposals in areas of high need.  We strive to give each project distinction and character which is sympathetic to the surrounding architectural landscape.  Our passion drives our ethos of creating places for people to work, live and enjoy.

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The Proposal

This website provides an opportunity for residents, businesses and organisations to learn about our proposals and intentions to submit an outline application to the newly formed Somerset Council.

Rubix Land is planning to submit an outline planning application for a new high-quality housing development, in a highly sustainable location, comprising up to 40 new residential dwellings, 30% of which will be affordable tenure.

We pick our locations carefully, where there is a real need and we build using sustainable methods, in order to reduce the negative impact on the environment.

We focus on delivering houses to those in greatest need: future generations of doctors, nurses, key workers, young families and the next big thinkers, who want a place to call home.

Evercreech has a significant shortfall in housing delivery, particularly when measured against Local Plan targets.  As members of the housing development community we see the consequences of this, with a growing disparity between house prices and affordability and an available tenure that doesn’t meet demand. Our proposal provides an appropriate response to this and considers the scale, location and facilities locally available. The scheme aims to provide new housing opportunities in a community you love for future generations too.

At the bottom of this website page you will find a short questionnaire.  Please leave us your thoughts, which will be considered prior to making the application.

The Application Site

Site Location_Jan 2023

The development site measures approximately 1.74 hectares (approx. 4.3 acres) and is currently used as private amenity land. 

The site fronts Prestleigh Road, with an established residential estate opposite.  It is predominately laid to grass with the boundaries being formed by a range of hedges.  The garden to the adjacent house sits to the south, with farm land beyond the east and northern boundaries.

The site undulates towards the north west, which aids surface water flows.

Development has taken place to the west of Evercreech in recent years off Kingfisher Road by David Wilson Homes,  which is accessed further north along Prestleigh Road.

Somerset Council is currently committed through the Mendip District Local Plan 2066-2029, however a new plan is emerging. Equally both plans contain a policy which commits new development to only come forward if it is sustainable. The Council therefore requires that any proposals for development include an assessment of the nutrient, phosphorus impact of the development, which will determine the potential combined nutrient offset required. Rubix Land will provide a report understanding the scale of any potential impacts and potential mitigation options, to achieve phosphate neutrality and to not cause potential significant effect.


The Vision

The vision for this scheme is to create a sustainable new living environment which seamlessly integrates into the existing community. 

The vision for the scheme will include:

• 40 new homes with 30% being affordable tenure.

• A housing mix of mainly 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes.

• An accessible, sustainable established residential location.

• A commitment to building carefully designed spaces, beautiful homes and gardens.

• Sustainable living with an adoption of sustainable building methods including electrical charging points to meet the needs of the modern occupier.

• The developable area is unconstrained land outside of high flood risk area or the Green Belt.

• Helps continue to diversify the local housing stock and the future viability and vitality of Evercreech.

• Deliverable within a short time frame to accommodate existing needs. 

Access & Movement

The site is located to the north of Evercreech, with access from Prestleigh Road from the west, which is the main road linking to Shepton Mallet via the A371.

The site is located in an accessible and sustainable location with easy walking routes to local amenities. 

An initial highway review has been completed and we are satisfied that vehicular access can be constructed off of Prestleigh Road.

A proposed new footpath will link to Maesdown Road to tie into the existing footpath, with improvements. This will provide a safer pedestrian route to Evercreech Primary School.

The closest bus stops to the site are located on Prestleigh Road, at Ashcroft Surgery and the Post Office, within a short walking distance. The number 1 bus, Yeovil to Shepton Mallet service stops at this location throughout the day, as well as the number 519 providing a service to and from Street and Evercreech. 

The nearest railway stations to Evercreech are Castle Cary and Bruton, which are 4 miles away. The Castle Cary station is on the Reading to Taunton line, whereas the Bruton Station is on the Bristol to Weymouth line. 

This existing transport structure further highlights the sustainable location of the site.




1. The proposed vehicular and pedestrian access for the residential housing will be from Prestleigh Road. Further north along Prestleigh Road, a vehicular and pedestrian access will be provided for a convenience store.
2. A street pattern has been identified to provide good connectivity and efficient residential blocks.
3. An improved pedestrian footpath link along Prestleigh Road to connect the residential parcel with Maesdown Road.
4. Potential footpath link through to Evercreech Primary School.

Local Amenities & Facilities

There is already a range of local facilities nearby, such as Evercreech C of E Primary School is located within approximately 500m walking distance to the south of the site and Whitcheat Secondary school is approximately 3.2 miles away in Shepton Mallet.

The nearest convenience store to the site is located just off the Prestleigh Road into Victoria Lane junction, which is a short, level walk from the proposed scheme.  More shops and a supermarket are also located in Shepton Mallet, 3.5 miles from the site. There are also additional facilities including a doctor’s surgery, pharmacy, a local pub and a village hall  within walking distance.

Community Benefits

In addition to the creation of 40 new high quality dwellings, the scheme will also provide the following; 

  • 30% affordable housing to meet identified needs.
  • Walking connections to the local street network and improving the accessibility of existing public rights of way
  • Green public open space.
  • Retained hedgerows and trees creating a network of habitats.
  • Transitional open space with proposed clustered tree planting, hedgerow strengthening and species rich meadow grasslands.
  • Sustainable drainage attenuation features designed to create wetland habitats.
  • Section 106 contributions towards local improvements to services.

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